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My math teacher is a nut. I IMed him last night to see if we were going to have a quiz in class tonight or not. I still feel like crap, so as long as we didn't have a quiz, I was going to not go to school today. Well, my simple question turned into a three hour IM session that cemented his dorkdom. Here are a few excerpts from the AIM:

Math teacher: Did you have a nice spring break?
Eve103: Not really, I spent most of it in bed with the flu
Math teacher: Oh, really? I went to the mountains
Math teacher: it was *sick* how beautiful it was
Math teacher: oops, bad choice of words there, sorry
Eve103: That's low, mocking your poor sick students
Math teacher: there were several birds that *flu* close to us
Math teacher: oops, bad choice of words again, sorry

Math teacher: You know, if you randomly stick the word math in sentences, it makes them much more interesting
Math teacher: I went to the math park to walk my math dog along the math lake.
Eve103: Or, you could do like the smurfs do and insert math in the place of pretty much every verb
Eve103: I mathed to the park to math my dog along the lake.
Math teacher: Mathing out loud
Math teacher: mol
Math teacher: Mathing my a-- off
Math teacher: Mmao
Math teacher: Mathing on the floor
Eve103: I should have kept my mouth shut
Math teacher: Motf
Math teacher: Hmm, that one could be taken in an unintended connotation
Eve103: Heh, I was thinking the same thing
Math teacher: mol mol mol. I think I will use this from now on, and no one will know what I am talking about.

Math teacher: You should have said 4320 minutes, it would have sounded better
Eve103: Right, you know how well my simple math skills are
Eve103: I can do calculus, I just can't add
Math teacher: I am still impressed by your 49+1=51
Eve103: Yes, that was not one of my most shining moments
Eve103: but I have an excuse. I had just simplified from 2/14 to 1/7 and still had the two on my brain
Math teacher: Maybe you just have a subconscious problem with the number 50
Eve103: Yes, I do. That number torments me. It lives in my closet and makes scary noises at night.
Math teacher: Mol. If you slept with your math book under your pillow like I tell all my students to do, it would protect you
Eve103: Ah, yes, the all powerful math book
Eve103: Of course I sleep with it. And I have a shrine for it during the day.
Math teacher: mol

Heh, you get the point. Pretty much the entire conversation was dorkiness like that. He is the same way in class too, so you spend half of your class laughing at his sheer nerdiness. Then, this morning, I find an E-mail from him telling me to look at the homework page. This is where he makes quiz announcement and posts the solutions to out homework problems.

If you look at the green writing on section 3.1, it says 'Quiz for Heather, March 13, mol.' He is going to have 30 students going 'huh?' and me sitting at home shaking my head. At least he brought some entertainment my bed rest. I just hope I feel better enough to go to work tomorrow. I think they will have a heart attack if I call in sick again.
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