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So, David and I had a ton of fun in the snow. We played in it for about an hour and then came in and had lots of hot chocolate. Snow always makes me feel like a little kid, and I love that feeling. I think I get too wrapped up in being a adult sometimes and I forget to let loose once in a while. Anyway, here are some pictures of me and David having a good time in the snow.

Me, David, and our super cool snowman.

Me twirling

David surprising me and randomly picking me up. I like this shot because it's so candid.

A posed version of the shot above.

Me and David on our hunt for the perfect snowman parts.

David catching snow flakes.

Me finding the perfect snowball to throw at David. I've given him a hard time about this one because, despite what he claims, it totally looks like he is staring at my ass.

Our snow man the next day. Pine cone nose, flower pot hat, bolts for eyes, and a leaf as mouth.

As for school, it's going okay. I had my first organic chemistry test of the semester, and I either did really really great on it, or I bombed it. I was the first person done, even after going through the test an extra couple of time to recheck everything. I kept wondering what everyone else was seeing that I wasn't. I guess I'll find out on Tuesday. I swear, sometimes I wonder if becoming a vet is really worth all of this trouble.
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