Kitty Spay

Dec. 26th, 2007 11:02 pm
[personal profile] somedayvet
Yay, finals are over, holidays are over, it's time to relax before school starts again. I survived another semester of three science classes, coming out with a 3.5 GPA, which could have been worse, so I am happy.

Christmas was good, and amazingly all of the family parties worked out this year so that I didn't have to try and go to like three in one day. I'm sure poor David was sick of my family after this holiday. Having a blended family can sometimes suck as it increases the amount of Christmas parties that one has to attend.

Anyway, big news of the day is that I spayed my kitten Stiletto, and this time I remembered to bring my camera. So, below are a ton of pictures of the day. (Open incision sites, and a cat uterus, so squeamish people look at your own risk)

Sleeping kitty laying on the surgery table
Intubated kitty
Me arranging my instruments
Me making the first cut
Me cutting some more, although I can't figure out why in the world I was using my right hand considering I am left handed....
Searching for the uterus
Still looking, I know it's in here somewhere

Making some final sutures to the uterine stump
Trying (unsuccessfully) to make my incision site look pretty
My holding up the removed uterus
My zig-zaggy incision site
Sleeping kitty

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