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Feb. 16th, 2010 05:23 pm
So, I've been sitting at home for over a week with a stomach bug that would not go away. I've been to three doctors, and the ER. I've also missed about nine days of school, including tests and labs that require research papers to make up. So, lets just say it's been a pretty crappy week. Then, today, I get a phone call from the UGA vet school with the news that I got accepted on early admission!

Let me say, even though I still feel like crap, that news is something that certainly cheers a person up. All these years of working my ass off, of having road block after road block, of thinking I would never make it...it's finally paid off. I made it. I may have gotten a GED. I may have had to take night classes. I may have taken way longer than many other people to make it through school, but I made it.

Even more amazing, early admission is only offered to the top ten percent of applicants. I went from the girl who dropped out of high school to the top ten percent of applicants. I am just so ecstatic right now. I can't stop crying from the overwhelming joy of it all. Wow. So, yeah, wow.
So, my application for vet school has been completed and sent in. After all of these years of school and endless work, everything is now down to sitting and waiting until March to know if I get in or not. It's very daunting. I mean, it's always been my dream, but now on the brink of possible reality I find that I am scared out of my mind.

I'm taking several advanced sciences this semester, which are eating up all of my time (use the blank live journal as proof of this point), and I know that vet school is even more work heavy than the craziness that I am dealing with now. Despite this mind numbing terror there is the excitement that all of my work and stressing about my grades may actually pay off. I've had several higher ups tell me I should get in no problem with my GPA and GRE scores where they are, but the vet program is just so darn competitive I can't help but wonder how many people out there have even better GPAs and GRE scores than me. I mean, I'm sure I'll get in eventually, it will just be a matter of whether it's this year or a following year. Only time will tell.

On a completely unrelated note, I've noticed that a lot of people have been doing friends cuts lately, and I just thought I would say that I still read everyone, even I don't update my own journal or comment as much as I should. If you are on my f-list, it's because I find you interesting and enjoy reading you. If you still need to cut me to keep your f-list small, that's fine and I understand, but I will miss you.

Anyway, off to study some microbiology. Bleh.
Since I moved away to college, this whole jury duty thing has been a huge pain in the ass, even more so than usual. I have left my permanent address as my mom's house just because I don't know how long I will be in the house I am in in Athens. I am also a bad citizen who didn't vote in the last election, hence I have not had my voter's registration card changed to Athens. So, I get a jury summons for the county that my mom lives in, which is a pain, but it just means I'll stay at my mothers for a week, no big deal. I call the jury hot line just to make sure that my living and going to school in Athens was okay, since I acknowledged that I had not had my voter's registration card or my drivers license changed. They tell me they deal with students all the time and as long as I didn't change either of those two things, I was still considered a resident of that county by the court. Okay, fine.

So, yesterday, I checked in with the jury overseer just to make doubly sure that my living full time in Athens was not a problem. Nope, you're good to go, they say. Fine. So, luckily the case I was signed onto yesterday got settled before jury selection, so all was good with the world. Today, I got called in again and got pulled into the jury room and questioned as a potential juror. So, of course, when I mention going to school in Athens, the judge asks if I live up there. I answer in the affirmative, and explain my whole voter's registration permanent address situation. Well, the judge tells me that as far as he is concerned, I am not a county resident, and he excuses me from the case. Okay, fine, I've wasted half a day, whatever. So, the bailiff takes me up front and tells the front staff the situation and that I should be take out of the pool for other cases. Well, the front staff get pissy with me and start telling me that since I haven't changed my permanent address that I am still to serve or else I need to get out there and change all of this stuff, blah, blah, blah. They acted as if I were some criminal trying to weasel my way out of jury duty. I just stood there, shrugging my shoulders, telling them that I had no control over what the judge had said.

Then, they start talking about deferring me and giving me another week in a few weeks. I looked at them dumbly. I came this week, I didn't lie or cheat, I merely answered questions honestly (as I was sworn to do) and they want to punish me by giving me another week of jury duty. What is another week going to do? I will still live in Athens. I will still not have bothered to change my drivers license since I want to keep my permanent address as my mothers house in case something happens, nor will I bother to change my voters registration simply because I don't want to. I expressed this to them. They then rudely told me that I would just have to suck it up and finish my week of jury duty. Exasperatedly, I told them that I didn't mind finishing up the week since I had made all my plans around this week anyway, and that once again, I was not trying to get out of jury duty, the judge had just kicked me off of this particular case. It wasn't my fault. So, with a disgruntled sigh they told me I had better call in and come in or else I would get another week.

I just wanted to slap them all. Perhaps the judges and front staff should have more conversation about what constitutes a country resident and what doesn't because I am going to be pissed if I get called in tomorrow, spend almost all day there, only to be kicked off again because the judge doesn't agree with the other staff on whether or not I am actually a resident. Grr.

Thanks for letting me vent.
So, I disappeared again as usual, not that anyone reads anymore. I'm boring.

Last semester is finally over, and I survived it with all A's by some utter miracle. It was a good, yet frustrating semester. My professor for my Intro to Animal Science class was the most boring teacher I have ever had. Although he had no attendance policy, he would often say useful tidbits that he would ask on his crazily impossible tests. I was able to make it through the semester by bringing crossword puzzles to class every day and working on them as he lectured. I loved my Animal Reproduction class. The material was interesting, and teacher actually tried to make class fun. I also loved my Animals Practicum class. I mean, how many classes are there were you play with animals all day and get graded on it? I was surprised at the things we were allowed to do. From castrating pigs and cows, to participating in a milking, we did it all. My Livestock Evaluation and Composition class, which I lovingly termed the "Carcass class" was a big joke. It was a whole semester of having no clue what our grades were, and failing tests because the professors forgot to teach us the material. The experience, which should have been fun and interesting was nothing but a big mess. It's over, and I am happy with my grades, so all is well.

I even showed a dairy cow in the schools livestock show. Here is the only picture I have of "my" cow on the computer. We named her Dory and she was a pain to halter break. She's hiding her head here, and it's a bad picture, but yeah:

It was a really fun experience, and I'm glad I got the opportunity to do it.

Athens living is still going really well. We've got a good routine going here, and have managed to keep our bills manageable. I know that as stressed as I am with school, I definitely have less home stress than what I had when I was still living with mom. It was time for me to get away from that environment. I love my mom dearly, but, as with most parent/child relationships, we were just to different.

Me and David are doing really great. It was one of those big tests of our relationship. Could we stand each other 24/7? So far, it's been great. We try and balance our alone time and together time so that we don't get sick of each other and all of that jazz. No complaints as of now.

This semester is going to prove to be a big challenge in school. Biochemistry is going to be the bane of my existence and I've only had class one day. School is just pure evilness, but someday I will be done...I hope.

As usual, I still keep up with all of ya'll on my friendslist, I'm just a crappy poster/commenter.
I am about to head up to the bus stop to catch the bus for classes, but I thought I would share the name of one of my class books: "Livestock and Carcasses". I actually take great pleasure in the fact that a serious class book actually has the word carcass in the title. Me, a little weird....never. Now, lets just hope I can actually figure out the bus system enough to make it to class. Going from tiny two year college to big university is a bit scary.
Quick update to let people know I am still alive.

I finished up my associates degree and graduated with highest honors. Yay me. Organic chemistry almost made me lose my highest honors spot, but a last minute curve saved the day. I'm now on my way to UGA to finish up my bachelors, then it should be on to vet school (if I can get in).

David and I are still doing well. I've leased a house with him and my friend Shannon up near UGA since we are all attending that school. It's a small 3 bedroom/3 bath brick ranch, and we can bring our animals so it's all good.

I'm heading to Florida for a much deserved vacation tomorrow, but once I get back I have full plans to write a real entry. I miss talking to you guys, but I promise I've still been reading everyone's journals.
So, David and I had a ton of fun in the snow. We played in it for about an hour and then came in and had lots of hot chocolate. Snow always makes me feel like a little kid, and I love that feeling. I think I get too wrapped up in being a adult sometimes and I forget to let loose once in a while. Anyway, here are some pictures of me and David having a good time in the snow.
Lots of pictures below )
As for school, it's going okay. I had my first organic chemistry test of the semester, and I either did really really great on it, or I bombed it. I was the first person done, even after going through the test an extra couple of time to recheck everything. I kept wondering what everyone else was seeing that I wasn't. I guess I'll find out on Tuesday. I swear, sometimes I wonder if becoming a vet is really worth all of this trouble.

Kitty Spay

Dec. 26th, 2007 11:02 pm
Yay, finals are over, holidays are over, it's time to relax before school starts again. I survived another semester of three science classes, coming out with a 3.5 GPA, which could have been worse, so I am happy.

Christmas was good, and amazingly all of the family parties worked out this year so that I didn't have to try and go to like three in one day. I'm sure poor David was sick of my family after this holiday. Having a blended family can sometimes suck as it increases the amount of Christmas parties that one has to attend.

Anyway, big news of the day is that I spayed my kitten Stiletto, and this time I remembered to bring my camera. So, below are a ton of pictures of the day. (Open incision sites, and a cat uterus, so squeamish people look at your own risk)
lots of pictures, dial up users beware... )
I just want to know how it is the doctors at the clinic know the exact time where I have changed into my pajamas and have just settled down for the night. It seems that they always call me at that exact moment with an emergency, knowing that I am too much of a sucker, and need the money too bad to say no. I just wanna sit down, watch Heroes, and then go to sleep. *sigh* Oh well, emergency ex-lap, here I come...
I know I've said it before, but I feel the need to reiterate it. I love the extra emergency fee I get paid, but sometimes c-sections really suck. Four fifteen this morning, my phone rings. Dr. F does his whole 'I've got a c-section here, and you can come in if you want to, you don't have to, it's up to you, but it would be really great if you came in. Just remember, you don't have to.' Basically, it translates to: if you don't come in, I'll pout and whine endlessly and cut the dog without assistance, which isn't in the best interest of the dog or the puppies, and I know you are too much of a sucker to let that happen. So, on three hours of sleep, I am up at the clinic slinging puppies. Stupid bulldogs. Why does anyone in the world want to breed those dogs? They are walking genetic nightmares, and 99% of the time are incapable of having the puppies without a c-section. Everything went without a hitch, but I was walking around in a fog for the rest of the day. The joys of my job.
I have decided to take the vet tech examination. In Georgia, there is a grandfather clause that says that if you have worked in the field for five years or more, you are eligible to take the test without attending school. As more and more vet clinics are moving toward hiring only licensed techs, it might be beneficial for me to go ahead and get licensed. It's not that I plan to leave my clinic, but you never know. Plus, I also don't plan on being a vet tech, I want to be a vet, but it would be nice to have a fall back if vet school doesn't work out. My biggest problem is finding the time to study (and the funds with which to buy the study materials). June is the last test that I will be allowed to take, so I don't have a ton of time to get prepared. I know a lot of the technical stuff already just because I have been doing it for so long, but I am a bit rusty on some of the more obscure anatomy and drug type questions. Basically, if I don't deal with it frequently, I just don't know the information.

As usual school is on the brink of killing me. Three sciences in one semester is stupid people, really stupid. Don't do it. Plus, I am having to deal with rush hour traffic on Wednesdays, which is making my life a living hell. I sympathize greatly with anyone who deals with it daily. I think I would have gone on some murderous rampage by now.

Now that summer is gone, I am really missing my reading time. I miss the escape I find when reading a good book; you know, one of those books that you just can't put down. I have one that sits in my book bag and taunts me as I furiously try and study chemistry, or biology, or the dreaded physics. At least the semester is already a quarter of the way over, but it's still not quite over enough. I want my summer vacation back.
Note to self:

When drawing with charcol, perhaps it would be best to not use your fingers to blend with, for you are a very ditzy and forgetful creature. You will completely forget that your fingers are covered in black, and will subsequently smear it all over your face before your brain decides to remind you.
Me: *studies chemistry furiously*
Mom: *watches me and grows bored with the fact that I am ignoring her*
Me: *continues to study like mad, trying to pull a B out of this course if it kills me*
Mom: Did you know that they did a study and discovered that generally once a guy has anal sex with a woman, he never wants to have regular sex again.
Me: *continues to...* Wait...what?
Mom: I just thought that was interesting. Apparently, most men are just a little bit gay. So, don't ever let a man fuck you up the ass unless you want to repeat the experience.
Me: .....

She had apparently seen that little tidbit on a talk show earlier and felt the need to share. Of course, every time I look at my chemistry book, that little factoid enters my mind again. Gotta love my mom and her useless bits of knowledge.

And I know I am horribly behind on comments and other lj stuff, but once I get through today, I will hopefully get caught up with everyone. School has just been murder this last couple of weeks, but thank goodness for Thanksgiving break.
Have you ever had one of those days where things just seem to go really well? I don't have many of them, but I think karma is trying to make up for the disaster that was last week.

Today, I went to Borders to study with a couple of kids from my chemistry class since we were supposed to have homework due tomorrow and a test on Wednesday. We studied for about an hour and came upon a problem that was just kicking our butts. We had no idea where to even begin. We ended up calling our professor and professing our complete and utter frustration with said problem. He laughed and said 'Didn't you see the announcement, the test was pushed back until next week, and the homework isn't due until Wednesday.' Well, with the pressure off, we studied half-heartedly for another half an hour, but eventually tapered off to where we just started talking. It's been a while since I just relaxed and BSed with friends. I spent more time laughing tonight than I have in a while. We were reciting snippets of Monty Python's The Holy Grail, and listening to David proclaim that even though he liked the Gilmore Girls, he was still straight and very manly. It was fun to goof off, and just, I don't know, forget the mountain of homework that I still had to complete. David, being the sweetheart that he is, even bought the three of us a piece of the most delicious chocolate cake in the world to share. Four hours later, we finally vacated our seats and headed home. The tension in my shoulders was gone for the first time in quite a while.

So, I get home and sit down to do my physics homework, which is never a nice prospect. Generally, I am lucky to get 70% of it completed. Physics just kicks my butt, and it's very difficult to teach myself (taking an online course was not one of my best moves). Tonight, I sat down, and actually understood everything, and managed to finish my homework, in less than an hour, and get the right answers for everything. Holy hell. I may even volunteer to do a recitation tomorrow.

Then, Dr. C called me, and we talked for a couple of hours. It is so nice to hear her genuinely happy for a change. I was afraid that when she moved we would drift apart, but every other Sunday, like clockwork, her number has appeared on my caller ID. While I miss her like crazy, I can't help but be happy simply because she is so happy. I think I am going try and visit her during the Christmas holidays.

Tonight was such a contrast to last week at this time where I was stressed to the breaking point. I was up until almost two in the morning studying, and the I got back up at five thirty to study some more. I then got to spend thirteen hours at school, practically sleep walking through the day. Today, however, I just feel...well, I feel good.
I know it's been forever since I updated, and it's not for lack of things to update about. School, work, and home have just all seemed to be getting me down, and I just don't want to write some long rambly pissy entry when the stuff isn't really that bad. The stuff that is bothering me is so insignificant that it's just not worth writing about, but it is annoying enough to just make me generally bleh.

You know, only at my house would an eight a.m. phone call with the phrase "where did you put the horse fetus" be considered the norm. Never let it be said that my life isn't interesting.

Thanks to the million people that suggested I watch it, I have become addicted to Heroes. *sigh* Like I need yet another tv show to keep up with. I just can't stop myself. Damn those brillian television writers and the people who told me about it :p No wonder my grades are so sucky this semester. I don't know why I am so unmotivated, but I just can't get going, and it's really scaring me. I'd say maybe I just need a break, but I just had a long break over the summer. I wish I knew what was wrong, but I said I wasn't going to talk about that, so I'm not.

My horse has discovered how to open her stall. I swear, she is nothing but a very expensive overgrown dog. She follows me around the pasture like a puppy, and she got so upset when I put her up in her stall so I could help Judie do some fence maintenance without her all over me, that she opened the stall door and trotted over to me. I hate it when my animals are too smart for their own good.

I have also randomly discovered that even after several years, I can still recite several episodes of X-files.

And, since I have to be up at the crack of dawn, I shall end this random flight of ideas entry.
So, on Tuesday's House episode there was a quote "Go up his rear and get a smear." I jokingly told my mom that I wanted to be able to use that in an every day conversation. Well, as I was laying there, it hit me, I work at a vet clinic, we do fecals all the time, so I really can use that quote. But, the more I thought about it, I decided it just didn't sound complete, so I randomly continued it. I told it to the girls at work yesterday, and they ended up typing it up and hanging up where we do our fecal flotations. Heh, so anyway, my completely crackified fecal poem:

Go up the rear
and get a smear
then let if float
just like a boat.
We'll look for eggs
or things with legs
then we'll give a pill
and worms it will kill

Yes, I know, you are now wondering why in the hell you friended me.
And because I hate to have a whiny entry up, I decided to post a funny conversation I had with a classmate of mine. I think I am going to stop mentioning the fact that I work at a vet clinic because I could really do without these conversations.

Classmate: I have a silly question for you
Me: Okay
Classmate: You have to promise not to laugh
Me: Um...okay
Classmate: I just don't want to sound like an idiot when I call me vet
Me: Well, what's your question
Classmate: What do you call a dog's...*makes several crude hand gestures*
Me: His penis?
Classmate: Whoa, you really call it a penis in a dog?
Me: Yeah
Classmate: That's funny. What about in cats, what's it called in cats?
Me: As far as I know it's called a penis in any mammal
Classmate: That's so weird. I always thought they had other names for different animals, like dongs and schlongs and....
Me: I need to get to my next class
My math teacher is a nut. I IMed him last night to see if we were going to have a quiz in class tonight or not. I still feel like crap, so as long as we didn't have a quiz, I was going to not go to school today. Well, my simple question turned into a three hour IM session that cemented his dorkdom. Here are a few excerpts from the AIM:extreme dorkiness below )

Heh, you get the point. Pretty much the entire conversation was dorkiness like that. He is the same way in class too, so you spend half of your class laughing at his sheer nerdiness. Then, this morning, I find an E-mail from him telling me to look at the homework page. This is where he makes quiz announcement and posts the solutions to out homework problems. Picture of homework page )
If you look at the green writing on section 3.1, it says 'Quiz for Heather, March 13, mol.' He is going to have 30 students going 'huh?' and me sitting at home shaking my head. At least he brought some entertainment my bed rest. I just hope I feel better enough to go to work tomorrow. I think they will have a heart attack if I call in sick again.



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