Jan. 10th, 2009

So, I disappeared again as usual, not that anyone reads anymore. I'm boring.

Last semester is finally over, and I survived it with all A's by some utter miracle. It was a good, yet frustrating semester. My professor for my Intro to Animal Science class was the most boring teacher I have ever had. Although he had no attendance policy, he would often say useful tidbits that he would ask on his crazily impossible tests. I was able to make it through the semester by bringing crossword puzzles to class every day and working on them as he lectured. I loved my Animal Reproduction class. The material was interesting, and teacher actually tried to make class fun. I also loved my Animals Practicum class. I mean, how many classes are there were you play with animals all day and get graded on it? I was surprised at the things we were allowed to do. From castrating pigs and cows, to participating in a milking, we did it all. My Livestock Evaluation and Composition class, which I lovingly termed the "Carcass class" was a big joke. It was a whole semester of having no clue what our grades were, and failing tests because the professors forgot to teach us the material. The experience, which should have been fun and interesting was nothing but a big mess. It's over, and I am happy with my grades, so all is well.

I even showed a dairy cow in the schools livestock show. Here is the only picture I have of "my" cow on the computer. We named her Dory and she was a pain to halter break. She's hiding her head here, and it's a bad picture, but yeah:

It was a really fun experience, and I'm glad I got the opportunity to do it.

Athens living is still going really well. We've got a good routine going here, and have managed to keep our bills manageable. I know that as stressed as I am with school, I definitely have less home stress than what I had when I was still living with mom. It was time for me to get away from that environment. I love my mom dearly, but, as with most parent/child relationships, we were just to different.

Me and David are doing really great. It was one of those big tests of our relationship. Could we stand each other 24/7? So far, it's been great. We try and balance our alone time and together time so that we don't get sick of each other and all of that jazz. No complaints as of now.

This semester is going to prove to be a big challenge in school. Biochemistry is going to be the bane of my existence and I've only had class one day. School is just pure evilness, but someday I will be done...I hope.

As usual, I still keep up with all of ya'll on my friendslist, I'm just a crappy poster/commenter.



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